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Professional After Builders cleaning Ipswich and Suffolk is also part of our range of professional cleaning services. We know the hassle that comes along with any house renovation. This is where you need the help of a professional cleaning company. Cleaning service after builders is available any time any day as any other professional service that we offer.

Our thorough task list has been designed to cover every corner of your home. The experience we have gathered over the years helped us to improve and offer our clients exceptional standard and the guaranteed quality.

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After Builders Cleaning FAQs

What is after builders cleaning?

After builders cleaning is a specialised cleaning service that is carried out after the construction or renovation of a property. This service is more complex than your standard clean, as it aims to address areas like paint splashes on windows, cement residue on patio tiling, and other remnants that are left behind after building work.

The aftermath of construction and renovation work often produces a lot of dust, debris and other materials. These are not only unsightly but also potentially harmful, particularly if you have any underlying allergies or respiratory issues. A standard cleaning might not be sufficient enough to deal with the aftermath of construction work, as it requires more than basic cleaning products and vacuums. That’s why A Better View’s after builders cleaning is especially important in areas where construction has introduced materials like fine dust particles that can affect the air quality.

At A Better View, we’re equipped with the tools and expertise to ensure your home is cleaned of all post-construction remnants, ready for you and the family to enjoy. Our high-quality service is not just to deliver an exceptional standard of cleaning, it’s about ensuring every corner of your home reflects your peace of mind.

So, if you’ve recently completed a construction or renovation project and need expert help in cleaning up, then look no further. A Better View ensures you don’t let post-construction residue take away from the beauty of your newly renovated property. Contact us today for a professional and meticulous cleaning service that will leave your space spotless.

How long does an after builder's clean take?

Completing a construction or renovation project is just the beginning of bringing your space back to its pristine condition. An after builder's clean ensures that every inch of your property is free from construction remnants, and comes out sparking clean. However, the time required for this is influenced by several factors.

1. Size of the Property: For smaller properties like apartments or small houses, the cleaning process is often completed within a day. These spaces typically require standard post-construction cleaning tasks like dust removal, surface wiping, and window cleaning. However, a large commercial space or renovated house will require more time. These properties may have multiple rooms or floors, each with varying levels of construction residue, requiring several days of thorough cleaning.

2. Type of Surfaces and Materials: Different surfaces and materials may require different cleaning methods and products. Freshly painted surfaces, custom installations, or high-end fixtures may need gentle, detailed cleaning, which is more time-consuming than standard processes. However, some surfaces, like hardwood floors, stone countertops, or specialty tiles, need specific cleaning agents and techniques to prevent damage. So, while tailoring the cleaning approach to each type of surface ensures proper care, it can also extend the cleaning time.

3. Quality and Thoroughness: A thorough cleaning includes not just visible surfaces but also those less noticeable areas like inside cabinets, light fixtures, and air vents. These areas can accumulate a surprising amount of dust and debris during construction. However, it’s not just about ensuring the space is clean but also ready for immediate use, by arranging furniture or removing protective coverings. Although this level of thoroughness ensures a higher standard of cleanliness, it can also lengthen the cleaning process.

4. Team Size and Efficiency: The number of cleaners assigned to a job is determined based on its size and complexity. While a larger team might be deployed for big projects to ensure efficient cleaning, those smaller properties may require fewer staff. As well as this, some cleaning tasks need to be done in a certain order, for example dusting before vacuuming, which can affect how quickly the team can work through the property.

5. Client Requirements and Feedback: Client-specific requests, like focusing on particular areas or using specific cleaning agents, can change the cleaning process and alter the duration. If feedback or additional requests are made during the cleaning process, then extra time will be needed to accommodate these changes.

At A Better View, our team is skilled in efficiently handling after builders cleaning tasks without compromising on quality. We assess each project individually to provide an accurate time estimate, ensuring that we deliver a spotless and safe environment in a timely manner. For a more precise estimate tailored to your specific needs, feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to assist.

How much is an after builder cleaning service?

The cost of an after builder cleaning service can vary based on a number of factors, all tailored to ensure you receive the most value and highest quality of service. Unlike a standard cleaning, after buildings cleaning requires specialised techniques and attention to detail to ensure exceptional results.

1. Size of the Property: The larger the property, the more extensive the area that needs to be cleaned. This includes not just the obvious spaces like floors and walls, but also hard-to-reach areas like high ceilings, corners, and inside cabinets or closets. Larger spaces might require additional cleaning staff or longer hours to thoroughly clean, increasing the overall cost.

2. Level of Dirt and Debris: The type and amount of waste left behind construction varies. For example, if there’s heavy debris like leftover building materials that need to be removed before cleaning can begin, then that may be accounted for in the cost. Even smaller details like fine dust in hidden places or paint on windows and floors demands specialised cleaning methods and products.

3. Surface Types and Materials: Not all surfaces and materials receive the same treatment. For example, if your property features natural stones surfaces or custom fixtures, these might need specific cleaning products to avoid damage. Additionally, if high-end finishes or appliances are part of the project, they may require delicate handling and specialised cleaning techniques, resulting in a more costly sum.

4. Location: With the cost of living and labour rates rising, you’ll find that different regions carry varying price tags. Compared to rural areas, urban and affluent regions have a greater concentration of high-end service providers, which can result in higher rates for professional services. However, being based in a rural area can come with strings attached if you’re located in an area that’s difficult to access or far from your cleaning company's base, as travel costs may be factored into the pricing.

5. Company Rates: Pricing isn’t a one-size-fits-all between companies, as their experience and reputation can impact the number you see on the dotted line. For established companies that come with a track record or high-quality service, they may charge more compared to those newer or less known companies. Whether they provide a comprehensive cleaning solution or just basic cleaning, the scope of their services can also affect their rates.

6. Additional Services: If a basic after builders cleaning service isn’t enough, then extra services can be added for an additional charge. These range from deep carpet cleaning, external window cleaning, pressure washing outdoor areas, or even specialised disinfection. As these services require extra time, specialised equipment, and sometimes additional staff, these have an impact on your final invoice.

Ready to have your property sparkling clean? Contact A Better View today for a personalised quote that meets your specific after builders cleaning needs. Experience the peace of mind that comes with our professional service. Call us or book online to make your post-construction transition as smooth and clean as possible.

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