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Professional Carpet Cleaners in Ipswich, Suffolk

Carpet cleaning in Ipswich and beyond, is one of our specialities. Our highly trained carpet cleaners use top-of-the-range equipment and family friendly carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions to deliver exceptional results.

  • Eco-Friendly:  A Better View’s carefully chosen range of natural cleaning products balance eco-friendliness with amazing results.
  • Excellent customer service: Our team consistently go above and beyond to ensure our services live up to their outstanding reputation.
  • Great prices: Our single room carpet cleaning service is priced from £25.00, with an extra 10% available discount for larger bookings.


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A Better View’s top-quality carpet and upholstery cleaning service can be quoted for over the phone on 07585 119181 or online via our cleaning quote form. For further simplicity, we’ve developed an innovative online booking management system, through which bookings can be made, altered, and cancelled to meet your requirements.


A Better View’s Carpet Cleaning


A Better View’s team of highly trained carpet cleaning professionals make use of a range of cleaning detergents specifically manufactured for professional use, ensuring a complete, and effective clean. Using innovative PROCHEM technology, we work to target a variety of stain types and spots across all carpet piles and colours. Our consistent use of quality product also allows for the targeting of fungus.

All products used by our team are environmentally friendly, and certified as safe for professional use within any home, or environment.  Our use of powerful hot water extraction systems across the majority of our carpet and upholstery cleaning jobs allows for the quick, and effective elimination of dirt, stubborn stains, and bacteria. This cleaning method is known to be one of the best solutions to disinfect, clean, and deodorise carpet fibres.

All carpet types benefit hugely from regular deep cleaning – especially when performed by a professional possessing industry-standard equipment, and extensive experience. Our supreme cleaning service leaves the carpets and upholstery in sound and rejuvenated condition. We are equipped with the very latest professional equipment by PROCHEM to deliver exceptional carpet and upholstery cleaning to all of our clients.

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Leading Carpet Cleaning in Ipswich

The team at A Better View have worked tirelessly to develop an efficient and stress-free booking system. In order to ensure accurate pricing, and arrange the most suitable cleaning service for our clients, we recommend arranging a premises visit, during which, our professional team will fully assess the property, and offer a free, no-obligation quote.

Out with this, we are proud to offer a simple, online booking service, through which cleaning services can be booked in as little as a minute.


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Select and book your carpet cleaning service and desired time slot using our simple online booking system. We’ll instantly match you with a trusted, experienced cleaner suited to your requirements.


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Our fully qualified cleaners share our passion for exceptional cleaning and high-quality service. All of our team members are background checked and rated five stars by our extensive network of clients.


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Our online booking and management system makes managing your cleaning services easy. Use it to add extra cleaners, add and skip visits, leave notes, or book extra cleaning services quickly, and without any hassle.

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Why Choose our Local Carpet Cleaners?

We Are Expert Carpet Cleaners

Our highly qualified team of carpet cleaners dominate the industry in scale and scope with an adaptable, extensive network that consistently delivers exceptional results. A Better View’s continued commitment to extensive training ensures our cleaners possess unrivalled knowledge and skill across all services offered.

We Are Committed

Our services are tailored entirely to the needs of each of our individual clients. Whether you’re seeking a one-off carpet clean, or office cleaning on a weekly basis, A Better View’s team of experienced professionals will work exactly to your requirements. Our carpet cleaning service is designed to ensure the complete cleanliness of your home, whilst maintaining your personal comfort.

We Offer a Complete Service

We endeavour to offer a fully comprehensive service from the point of booking, ensuring each of our customer’s needs are met. A Better View are proud to provide exceptional, customer-centric cleaning services.

We Are Driven

All levels of our team work to ensure the quality of all aspects of our service, from customer relations to cleaning. Our driven culture ensures A Better View meets the cleaning industry’s highest standards.

Carpet Cleaning FAQs

What is the best way to get stains out of a carpet?

The traditional method for removing a new stain from a carpet generally consists of the following steps:

Blot the spillage or stain carefully
Dry the blotting from the outside in
Rinse the stain gently with hot water
Blot the wet patch until suitably dry

Those following these steps should remember not to scrub the carpet - this can damage the carpet fibre or allow the stain to penetrate further through into the carpet pad.

For more complex, large, or older stains, it is often worth bringing in an experienced carpet cleaner to solve the problem. A Better View’s five-star rated carpet cleaning team combine their knowledge and experience with industry-standard tools to ensure the best possible carpet clean.

How do you get old stains out of carpet?

Though many people believe that older stains are easier to remove from carpet than newer ones, this is most often not the case. Set-in stains are a tough task to handle. In the case of removable stains, the most popular removal technique is to rehydrate the stain using a suitable agent for the type of stain, whether that be warm water, or baking soda and vinegar, before gently working (not scrubbing) your way from the outside in, and blotting dry.

Unfortunately, not all old stains can be easily removed. In the case of a particularly tough, large, or complex carpet stain, it is often worth bringing in an experienced cleaner to solve the problem. A Better View’s five-star rated carpet cleaning team combine their knowledge and experience with industry-standard tools to ensure the best possible carpet clean.

How much is a carpet cleaning service?

The cost of a carpet clean can vary according to a number of factors, including the size of the carpeted area requiring cleaning, and the cleaning service provider you choose. A Better View’s highly competitive end of tenancy cleaning costs are as follows:

1 bedroom flat -From £100
2 bedroom flat – From £120
3 bedroom flat – From £140
2 bedroom house – Call For Quote
3 bedroom house – Call For Quote
4 bedroom house – Call For Quote
5 bedroom house – Call For Quote

We’re proud to offer a 10% discount for any carpet cleaning bookings exceeding £100.

If you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality carpet clean in Ipswich, get in contact with A Better View today by calling our friendly team on 07585 119181 or fill in our simple online booking form.

Is professional carpet cleaning worth it?

Professional carpet cleaning is worth it for many people. Hiring an experienced cleaner to take care of deep cleaning at a rate that suits you is the best way to lengthen the lifespan of your carpet, remove tough stains, and ensure your home looks its best. Without thorough cleaning, carpet piles can become matted and dust-filled, resulting in permanent damage. Professional carpet cleaning becomes especially effective when performed by an experienced team possessing industry-standard equipment. A Better View’s cleaning service leaves the carpets and upholstery in sound and rejuvenated condition using the very latest professional equipment by PROCHEM.

How often should you get your carpets professionally cleaned?

The best professional carpet cleaning routine for you ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and lifestyle, alongside the footfall your carpet receives, and other factors such as whether or not you have pets. In order to ensure the lifespan of your carpet, and to keep it looking at its best, the specialists at A Better View recommend having domestic carpets professionally deep-cleaned once every twelve to eighteen months. Carpets experiencing particularly heavy use, or in homes with pets, may require a clean once every six to twelve months. To arrange a professional carpet cleaning for your property in Ipswich, contact our friendly team today.

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