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A Better View’s commercial and office cleaning in Ipswich (and the surrounding area) is second to none. Both of our regular and one-off services are entirely bespoke and are designed to work to your business’ specific requirements. Our highly qualified team of office and commercial cleaners operate both within, and out with office hours using a combination of traditional cleaning skills, and modern technology to clean your working space.

Each of our office cleaning clients is assigned both a consistent team of cleaners, and a job manager, who ensures all work undertaken is completed to the highest standard, and on time. In addition to this, our rigorous recruitment process ensures our team consists of capable cleaners sharing our values of professionalism, effectiveness, and efficiency.

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A Better View’s Commercial & Office Cleaning Services:

Our fully qualified team of commercial office cleaners work to ensure the complete cleanliness of your Ipswich workspace. Below is a list of the majority of cleaning jobs undertaken during a standard office clean – if you require further specialist cleaning, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Our team are happy to tailor our commercial cleaning in Ipswich to meet the exact needs of your business.

During an office clean, our team:

  • Clean the floors by vacuuming or hovering, as may be required
  • Dust and clean all furniture, including desks and chairs
  • Vacuum clean all soft furnishing including couches and curtains
  • Dust and clean window ledges, pictures and painting, doors, skirting, floorboards and cupboards
  • Empty waste bins and tidy up the waiting rooms and meeting rooms
  • Polish any brass or silverware displayed
  • Disinfect vents, corners and drains
  • Clean rugs and carpets and even remove stains at additional cost
  • Complete clean-up for the kitchen including cleaning hobs, slabs, cupboards and the fridge
  • Complete clean-up for the bathrooms including toilet clean and disinfect, sink cleaning, shower and mirror cleaning.
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The team at A Better View have worked tirelessly to develop an efficient and stress-free booking system. In order to ensure accurate pricing, and arrange the most suitable cleaning service for our clients, we recommend arranging a premises visit, during which, our professional team will fully assess the property, and offer a free, no-obligation quote.

Out with this, we are proud to offer a simple, online booking service, through which cleaning services can be booked in as little as a minute.


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A Leading Ipswich Office Cleaning Company

We Are Expert Office Cleaners

Our highly qualified team of office cleaners dominate the industry in scale and scope with an adaptable, extensive network that consistently delivers exceptional results. A Better View’s continued commitment to extensive training ensures our cleaners possess unrivalled knowledge and skill across all services offered.

We Are Committed

Our services are tailored entirely to the needs of each of our individual clients. Whether you’re seeking a one-off carpet clean, or office cleaning on a weekly basis, A Better View’s team of experienced professionals will work exactly to your requirements. Our office cleaning service is designed to ensure the complete cleanliness of your home, whilst maintaining your personal comfort.

We Offer a Complete Service

We endeavour to offer a fully comprehensive service from the point of booking, ensuring each of our customer’s needs are met. A Better View are proud to provide exceptional, customer-centric cleaning services.

We Are Driven

All levels of our team work to ensure the quality of all aspects of our service, from customer relations to cleaning. Our driven culture ensures A Better View meets the cleaning industry’s highest standards.

Office Cleaning FAQs

What is included in office cleaning?

A typical office clean implemented as part of a regular routine will ensure that necessary office cleaning tasks are completed to a high standard. A typical office clean includes wiping, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and sweeping all relevant surfaces. Cleaners will empty and re-line all bins.

There are other components to office spaces that should not be overlooked and are also generally taken care of during an office clean. These include the toilets - the process for which involves cleaning the sinks, splashbacks, mirrors, sinks, and floors.

In addition, the kitchen space should be cleaned. This will typically involve the sinks, worktops, kitchen cupboard facades, and floors.

How often should an office be cleaned?

There’s no right answer as to how often an office should be cleaned, with a number of variables often at play. Factors impacting your office cleaning schedule could include the size of your office, the type and frequency of use the office receives, and the type and level of cleaning required. Frequently used office spaces experiencing high amounts of traffic, particularly large ones, generally require a daily or weekly clean by a specialist cleaning company, with some support from a light cleaning schedule in the case of the latter option. Smaller offices tend to opt for daily or fortnightly options.

How much does office cleaning cost?

How much office cleaning costs can vary according to a huge range of factors, including the size of the office, the duration of the clean, the number of cleaners brought on board, the service provider you choose, and even whether or not you’ve selected a package deal or contract with said cleaning service. Here at A Better View, we recommend allocating a minimum of a 3-hour visit on a weekly basis to ensure the best possible results.

Our highly competitive office costs £23 per hour per cleaner.

If you’re looking for an affordable, experienced, and high-quality office cleaning company in Cambridge, get in contact with A Better View today by calling our friendly team on 07585 119181 or fill in our simple online booking form.

How often should office kitchen cleaning take place?

Cleaning the office kitchen is just as, if not more important than staying on top of cleaning in the office itself, and plays a large role in the health and safety of office users. Whilst many larger offices employ cleaning specialists to ensure the cleanliness of office kitchens and bathrooms on a daily basis, for those with less frequent visits, it’s important to establish a light daily kitchen cleaning schedule to be completed by employees of janitorial staff, which should ensure that surfaces are wiped down, excess food is removed, dishes are cleaned, and that bins are removed when full.

Speciality tasks such as carpet cleaning (not vacuuming) should take place according to necessity and footfall.

How often should office carpets be cleaned?

Office carpets should generally be cleaned on a regular ‘timetable’ according to the amount of use and footfall they receive. The type of carpet installed can often impact this schedule, as can unexpected spills or damage requiring deep cleaning. A Better Vew’s carpet cleaning specialists generally recommend that professional carpet cleaning should be performed at least once every two years. This number changes to once a year for carpets experiencing an average amount use or footfall and to once every three to six months for carpets experiencing heavy use.

If you’re unsure as to whether or not your office carpet needs to be cleaned, or require assistance in establishing a professional cleaning schedule, get in touch with A Better View, Cambridge’s five-star office cleaning company. Our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

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